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Police departments across the country are reporting a disturbing trend of Caller-ID fraud, known as 'spoofing'. This practice allows a person to contact you with a bogus 'spoofed' number appearing on your Caller-ID.  

The most brazen of these groups has gone to the extreme of displaying the phone number of the local Police department  or bank with the intent of acquiring private information such as credit card account numbers from unknowing citizens who think they are assisting their local Police departments in crime prevention or raising funds for the  department.  

A recent case involved a business owner being threatened by the 'spoofer' with  arrest if they failed to supply their credit card and banking information.

Other examples include 'spoofed' calls claiming that a credit card with your name on it was used illegally and the caller requires that you supply them with your credit card information for verification.

What you can do .... use common sense

If you suspect that you are a victim of 'spoofing' you should immediately ask the person you are speaking with to allow you to call them back.  Let the caller know that you will call the number displayed on your Caller-ID and will ask for them by name.  If the caller appears hesitant or asks that you contact them at a different number you may be the victim of 'spoofing'.  Take down the number and the person's name, and report the call to your local authorities or the business that you feel is being 'spoofed'.

What more can you do ... social media ethics

With the rise in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, you should always be aware of the kind of information you make avialable to the public on such sites.  Many of the 'spoofers' access these sites hoping to glean some key point of private information about a person, so as to use that information in an attempt to gain your trust.

They seem to know so much about you and your interests; the names of your children, where you went to school, where you work and more, while in truth you are no more than a target of their scam.

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