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Dog Laws for the Town of Nahant

The following is a brief summary of Dog Laws for the Town of Nahant and related information:

1. 24-hour leash law- all dogs MUST be on a leash secured by its walker whenever it leaves its owners property.

2. NO dogs are permitted in the cemetery.

3. NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED on ANY BEACH, MAY 1ST through SEPTEMBER 30th. At other times, OCTOBER 1st through APRIL 30th, dogs may be on any beach but MUST BE LEASHED.

4. All dog walkers must remove their dog's feces from public and private property. Necessary "tools/equipment" must be carried for this purpose.

5. Excessive barking is prohibited and may become a Police matter if not properly addressed by the owner.

6. All dogs must be licensed EVERY JANUARY. Proof of Rabies Immunization must be presented to the Clerk in the Town Hall.

7. A low cost Rabies Clinic is held every year behind the Town Hall the first Wednesday in May. (The Clerk is available for license purchases for those who may still need to get one.)

8. Please help prevent Pet Overpopulation. Spay/neuter you're pet. Adopt from shelters or rescue groups, especially mature animals.

One of your Animal Control Officer's major concerns is the timely collection of Dog Fines issued to those owners who continually do not respect the Town's Dog Laws. It is important for everyone to understand the procedures that lead up to a ticket being issued:

1. When your ACO sees an offense occur, or receives a complaint, the first result is a contact with the owner to explain the offense and laws and the process which could lead to tickets and fines. This is considered a "VERBAL WARNING" and is documented in the ACO log. NO FINE IS INCURRED.

2. Subsequent violations witnessed by the ACO, result in written citations, which are mailed, to the owner. The first written ticket is a "written Warning" and NO FINE IS CHARGED. Your ACOs believe in education first to solve animal problems.

3. Additional violations result in fines according to the following: 2nd offense - $10.00 (this is really #3) 3rd offense - $25.00 4th offense - $35.00 5th offense, etc.- $50.00

4. Occasionally, an ORDER is issued to repeat offenders. If this is violated, the first time, the fine is $25.00. Each additional violation is $100.00.

Dog Officer | Scott Grieves
(781) 608-0882
Appointed by the Town Administrator

Contacting the Dog Officer
Please feel free to call and leave a message with any questions or complaints including barking dog complaints.

If you do not hear back from me within a reasonable period of time please call the Police Station and ask them if they could contact the Dog Officer. Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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