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Welcome to our Massachusetts Law Resource Page

On these pages you will find links to the most recent changes in the law that will effect all of us. If you have questions after visiting the pages please don't hesitate to email us with your questions or comments.

Massachusetts General Laws: A searchable index of all of the laws of Massachusetts!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Constitution

Laws/Regulations/Rulings: Information about current legislation, administrative rulings, hunting and boating laws and a great deal more- many PDF virtuals to download!

Massachusetts Occupant Restraint (Seatbelt) Law: Clarifies the law that we are targeting for enforcement in Nahant to enhance occupant safety within our community and reduce fatalities and personal injuries.

FAQ About the New Junior Operators License Restrictions: Posted by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to clarify the law that became effective November 4, 1998.

The Latest Firearms Law Updates: The new law went into effect October 21, 1998 and has many substantive changes. This link takes you to the Massachuetts Police Chiefs Association firearms site.

Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law: All the pertinent facts,including the very strict restrictions on under 21 aged drivers.


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