Town of Nahant

June 2016

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Emergency Dial 911
Our Address

Our Directory

Nahant Police Department
198 Nahant Road
Nahant, MA 01908

Chief Robert C. Dwyer
Lieutenant J. Paul Manley
Sergeant Andrew Constantine
Sergent Steven R. Shultz
Sergeant Michael D. Waters
Officer Noah Clark
Officer Armand R. Conti
Officer Timothy M. Furlong
Officer John Hogan
Officer Keith W. O'Brien
Officer Matthew Morneau
Officer Eugene W. Spelta
Reverend Larry Titus
Nahant Village Church
Rosamond "Roz" Puleo
Secretary to the Chief
Crime Prevention Department
Reserve Officers  
Donald Decker
David Driscoll
Michael Dwyer

Sean R. Furlong

Michael Halley

Jason Hoffman
Marc Holey
Jonathan Mills
Brian Palangi
J.R. Plourde

Sarah Vincent Furlong

Police Matrons Eileen Peterson
Rosamond "Roz" Puleo
Beth Holey
Karen Marshall
Keepers Of The Lockup Beth Holey
J. R. Plourde


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