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Frequently Asked Questions

Authorized Issuing Officers:
Sergeant Steven Shultz
Officer Timothy Furlong

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All applicants are required to fill out the standardized Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms License Application. Click on application tab above for application. If approved your L.T.C. /F.I.D. is valid for up to, but not more than 6 years, expiring on your birthday.

When can I apply? In order to initiate the application process, you MUST email Officer Timothy Furlong to set a Day appointment or Sgt. Stephen Shultz to set an Evening appointment. WALK IN APPOINTMENTS WILL NO LONGER BE PROCESSED.

Do I need to bring pictures? No. Photos are taken with a web cam that is part of the application process. There is no additional cost for pictures, and none need be supplied by the applicant.

How many trips to the police station will it take to get my LTC or FID Card? Generally you should only need to make two trips to the Police Station. Once to apply for your license and again to sign for it and pick it up when it comes in from the State. In some cases, an additional visit may be required if a background check indicates a problem with your license application.
How long will the process take? Please note: There have been an influx of applications state-wide, which has slowed the procedure Statewide.  The application time on your first visit takes about 30 minutes. The processing time then normally takes 6-8 weeks for to be complete. During this time, criminal background checks are done by the Nahant Police Department based on the information you provide, and then by the state police using fingerprint files. A check is also done with the Department of Mental Health. Once all this information is obtained, it is forwarded to the state for final review by the Criminal History System Boards Firearms Support Services.

Sergeant Shultz or Officer Furlong will call you when your license arrives from the state. If your license application is denied, you will receive the denial in writing.

What documentation do I need to apply for a LTC or FID Card?

1. LTC applicants must be 21 at the time of the application. FID Card applicants must be 18 or between 15 and 18 must provide a letter from a parent or guardian granting permission to apply for an FID Card.

2. Valid Massachusetts Driver's License or other proof of identification. 

3. All applicants must provide two proofs of residency; Mass Drivers License / Identification, Motor Vehicle Registration, Utility Bills, Voter Registration Card. 
4. $100 Application Fee for Class A, B, and FID Card. – Check or money order        payable to Town of Nahant. Renewal Applicants age 70 and over are free.  All fees are non-refundable and will be collected at the beginning of the application process.

5. Fingerprints required for first LTC or FID Card. Not required for renewals.

6. New applicants must complete an approved Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Course or a hunter safety course. Copy of certificate must be provided. Firearms Identification Card Restricted (mace/pepper spray) applicants are exempt from taking the safety course.

What documentation do I need to apply for a Firearms Identification Card – Restricted (mace and pepper spray)?

1. This license is valid for chemical sprays such as Mace or Pepper Spray only.

2. The same requirements apply as for a regular FID Card except that a safety course is not required.

3. Fee is $25.00 for the first card. Renewals are free.

Message from the Chief : All applicants must follow these instructions carefully. No L.T.C. firearm licenses or F.I.D. cards will be issued by the Nahant Police Department unless all the information submitted is found to be truthful, accurate, and all requested documents have been provided.

The Chief of Police, being the issuing authority, will issue these permits in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.


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