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Take Our New ONLINE PUBLIC Survey
Welcome to our Updated Public Survey (Updated May 2010)
Directions: Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.  All of your responses will be absolutely confidential. Thank you for participating,

Robert C. Dwyer
Chief Of Police

Please note:
It may take up to a minute to process this form once it's submitted. Thank you for your patience.

Section I: Your Community
1) Please rate the seriousness of the following crimes and quality of life issues in Nahant for the past 5 years.
Burglary/house break ins
Domestic violence
Unlawful drug use
Unsupervised house parties
Animal control problems
Drinking groups at beaches/parks
Unlawful weapon use
Property theft
Youth gangs
Speeding motor vehicles
Poor driving attitudes
Drunk driving
Credit card/check fraud
Computer/internet problems
Vehicle theft
Harassing/Annoying phone calls
Parking problems
Bicycles on sidewalks
Pedestrian safety
Public drinking
Unnecessary noise
2) Have you ever been the victim of a crime in Nahant?
3) Have you ever been the victim of a crime outside Nahant?
4) In Nahant, have you ever?
Stopped to ask an officer advice or directions
Stopped to talk to a police officer about a community issue
Called the police station to discuss a community issue
Been involved in a traffic accident which required police intervention
Been involved in a police/community outreach program
(ex. DARE, RAD, Bicycle Safety)
Been stopped for a traffic offense

Been questioned by the police and released
(other than for a traffic offense)

Reported a crime
Been arrested

virtuald a formal complaint against a Nahant Police Officer/Department

5) In your opinion, how much have the following factors contributed to the crime rate in Nahant over the past 5 years?

Courts are too lenient

Drug/alcohol abuse

Lack of alternative activities for youth

Lack of education

Lack of jobs/employment

Limited police presence

Poor parenting

Poverty/low income

Intolerance of differences based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Social programs/welfare

Over population

Availability of weapons

Lack of respect



6) Does your neighborhood have a citizen crime watch group?
6a) If no, would you participate in a crime watch group?

7) What kind of security do you use at home? 
(Check all that apply--this survey is anonymous)

8) In your opinion, how likely is it that you will be the victim of a property crime in Nahant over the next 5 years?

9) In your opinion, how likely is it that you will be the victim of a violent crime in Nahant over the next 5 years?

10) How much time do you spend actively participating in the community (community-based programs, committees, boards, etc.) each month?

11) In your opinion, compared to other communities in the Lynn area, how safe is Nahant overall?

12) What do you believe about the prevalence of crime in Nahant?

13) Please check one response for each statement:

I feel safe at home

I feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood after dark

I feel safe walking with others after dark in my neighborhood

I feel that my personal property is safe when I leave home

When returning home at night, I feel safe

I feel safe leaving my home/car unlocked during the day in Nahant

I feel safe alone in parks and recreation areas Nahant

I feel safe with others in parks and recreation areas in Nahant

14) How serious is the illegal drug problem in the following areas in Nahant?

High School (Swampscott)

Middle School (Swampscott)

Elementary School (Nahant)

Playgrounds & recreation areas

Within the adult community

Section II: The Police Department
15) Please respond whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

The police presence in my neighborhood is appropriate for the need

Traffic enforcement in Nahant meets the needs of the community

The Police Department gives proper attention to minor crimes (i.e. vandalism, disturbances, etc.)

The Police Department is providing appropriate community education and outreach programs

Efforts of the Police Department to enforce the law are compatible with community needs

The Police Department responds to emergency calls in a timely manner

Nahant police officers treat people with respect

Nahant police officers respect the rights of individuals and treat people fairly

Telephone calls to the Nahant police station are handled professionally and courteously

A formal complaint brought against a Nahant police officer will receive a fair, objective and timely response

The Nahant Police Department solicits and welcomes community input     

Nahant police officers are respected by the community

The Nahant Police Department has a good public image

The Nahant Police Department does its job well

Nahant police officers look professional in appearance

Police information provided in local newspaper is useful

Nahant police officers provide timely and useful information to persons reporting crimes

The Nahant Police Department publicizes its services and programs adequately

16) How effective do you believe the following Nahant Police & Community programs are on the crime problem and quality of life issues?

D.A.R.E. program

Bike Patrol

Web Page

Traffic Enforcement

Dedicated Parking Enforcement Officer

E911  Dispatch Center

NPD Facility Access

Alzheimer registration

Alcohol/tobacco sale compliance checks

Juvenile diversion program for first time criminal offenders

“Directed patrol” to high incident areas

False burglar alarm bylaw enforcement

All-night winter parking enforcement

Future Programs:

55 Alive

Police Explorer Program

Section III: Demographic Section

17) How long have you lived in Nahant?

18) How old are you?

19) How many people are in your household?

20) Do you have any children under the age of 21 living in your household?
20a) If yes, please list their ages here:
21) Do you own or rent your home?

22) Average household yearly income before taxes?

23) What is your current employment status?

24) What is your race?

25) Do you or anyone in the household own any firearms for sport or protection against crime?

Section IV: Your Comments
Please take a moment and let us know how the Nahant Police Department could improve its services to you, the citizen.
Please feel free to use as much space or additional pages as necessary.

The thing I like best about the Nahant Police Department is:

The thing I would most like to see improved at the Nahant Police Department is:


Please list the most significant values or characteristics that a Nahant Police Officer should possess.



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