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Mountain Bike Patrol

The Nahant Police Department initiated a Mountain Bike Patrol in the spring of 1994. The Mountain Bike Unit is part of the overall community oriented policing effort. The members of the unit work closely with the other community oriented polices officers in the areas of crime prevention and education, as well as supporting the uniformed patrol divison in the enforcement of laws.

Utilizing the mountain bike as a mean of transportation allows the officers to be more approachable to the public. Easier access in areas such as alleyways, parks and schoolyards enable these officers to go places that the officers in cruisers cannot easily go. The Mountain Bike Patrol Officers have the added ability to use more of their sences, move quietly, and interact better with the community. Of course an additional benefit is the exercise value these officers derive from their assignement.

The Mountain Bike Patrol does not normally respond to calls for service as the rest of the patrol force does, they generally, spend time soliciting input from the community and just general observation. The bicycles provide more "face-to-face" contact with the general public, and gives the officers the ability to assist in problem resolution in areas from crime prevention, juvenile problems and traffic complaints, just to name a few.

If you would like more information about the Mountain Bike Patrol, or information on any other Community Oriented Police Activity, please contact the Community Services Office at (781) 581-2330 or email us at



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