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Message From the Chief
The internet provides us with a new medium to reach out to our citizens with useful information and services that we feel will benefit everyone in our community.
The Nahant Police Department is committed to providing the best professional
police services to the people of Nahant. The roll of all police departments
has changed dramatically over the last few years. It is incumbent upon us to
change with the times in order to provide you with the best possible services.
The personnel of the Nahant Police Dept. serve with pride and honor.

No law enforcement agency can operate at full potential without the support
from the community it serves. We, the men and women of the Nahant Police
Department, are committed to performing our responsibilities of preserving
the peace, enforcing the law and providing quality police services to the Town.

To promote our mission the following goals have been established for the
Nahant Police Department.

a. Deliver police services in the most cost effective manner possible
b. Monitor traffic flow throughout the Town Of Nahant, with emphasis
on speed enforcement.
c. Establish thorough, appropriate and efficient investigation of all crimes.
d. Maintain order during times of natural disasters or social unrest.
e. Establish a program of continuous training in all aspects of policing for
both the regular as well as the reserve patrol persons.
f. Establishment of a meaningful community-policing concept.
g. Provide special services for our elderly population.
h. Actively pursue all out side sources of funding through Federal, State and
private grants.

Citizen input is invited for information you would like to be included on our web site.


Robert Dwyer
Chief Of Police


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