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The Nahant Police Department has been awarded numerous awards in the past, because the process is often word of mouth many incidents are not properly recognized.  Below are some the incidents that Nahant Police Department personnel received professional recognition as well as community recognition awards.

2011 Highlights

Rescue Award

Nahant Officer Keith O'Brien, has been awarded the MASS COPS Presidents Award for his role in rescuing a small child that was taken out off the coast of Short Beach by the under tow. Officer O'Brien comandeered a beach goers kayak and paddled his way out to the boy who had been pulled approximately 75 yards off shore.  Officer O'Brien secured the boy, calmed him down and was able to bring him back to shore with the assistance of the Nahant Ocean Rescue Team.  The incident occurred on September 2, 2010.

Academy Graduation

MBTA Officer Noah Clark recently graduated the MBTA police academy on April 13th.  He completed 26 weeks of training to include physical, educational, driving, firearms and self defense training.  Noah is now back to work with the Nahant Police Department.  

2010 Highlights

The Lynn Chamber of Commerce's "Nahant Town Pride Award" was awarded to Police Chief, William F. Waters at the Chamber's 98th annual meeting in January. Waters has been serving the Town of Nahant since 1962 in a variety of public safety roles, including call firefighter, permanent firefighter, civil defense director, police officer, harbormaster, and founder of the Ocean Rescue Team.

Chief Waters has recently announced his retirement for the Spring of this year. The award was accepted by Sergeant, Robert Dwyer, the town's newly-designated police chief, who will assume the office upon Waters' retirement.

2009 Highlights

NPD Lieutenant Thomas Hutton was awarded the President's Award for his involvement in an arrest of a suspected (now convicted) child molester. 

NPD Lieutenant Thomas Hutton was awarded the MCOP "President's Award" for his involvement in a gang-related shooting in long beach, which led to the arrest of multiple suspects. 

NPD Officer Timothy Furlong
was awarded the MCOP "President's Award" President's Award for his arrest of a suspected child molester (now convicted). 


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